Wyoming Pupil Transportation Association



Welcome to the Wyoming Pupil Transportation Association web site.  The goal of the WPTA is to promote and maintain the highest level of safe and efficient transportation for the pupils of public and nonpublic schools, contracted carriers and other pupil transportation providers in the State of Wyoming.  As an association we work hard to provide training, tools and resources to ensure Wyoming students are transported to and from school as safe as possible. I believe the WPTA is moving in a very positive and productive direction due to the involvement of the WPTA Board, our membership, the Wyoming Department of Education and the many individuals involved in the safe, daily transportation of our students. We must also thank each of the many vendors that make our jobs easier by providing new and innovative products and sponsorship for WPTA events. If you have any question about the WPTA, or if you would like to participate or be a part of our organization, please contact me at wptapresident@wpta.net

Thank you all for your part in making the WPTA successful!

Dennis Zezas, WPTA President